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Generating powerful branding, product awareness and lead generation for marketers by using high-quality content focused on the latest technology and response strategies to engage the fire service community in the United States.

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Solving Marketers Biggest Challenges

Launch & Awareness
Launch & Awareness
Build awareness and generate excitement for new solutions and products.
Content Marketing
Content Marketing
Short form content options that deliver big results for marketers.
Engaged Sales Leads
Engaged Sales Leads
Driving a faster sales cycle.

Increase your sales with our help–through product messaging strategies and adept advertising programs.

Marketing Solutions


Guide your strategy, gain insights, stay ahead of the competition.

Lead Generation

Engage target audiences, generate and qualify leads through behavioral scoring to shorten the sales cycle.


Reach a large or hyper-targeted audience via display, newsletters, programmatic, native, and print options.


Leverage our audience data to increase your social engagement & conversions.


Rely on video to engage audiences, attract new prospects and tell your story with impact.

Marketing Services

Services that can help marketers break through roadblocks and execute successful strategies.

Expert Spotlight

  • Peter Matthews
    Peter Matthews Editor-in-Chief, Firehouse

    With more than 20 years as a working firefighter, a fire photographer, and serving in various editorial roles for the Firehouse brand, Peter is a respected icon in the fire service.

  • Bill MacRae
    Bill MacRae Vice President & Group Publisher, Firehouse

    A seasoned publishing/event executive, Bill provides the leadership role in developing transformative content and event experiences for the firefighter community.

  • John Kosik
    John Kosik Managing Editor,

    A professional journalist with over 13 years experience as a news and sports editor at the Associated Press, John brings that same cutting-edge reporting to

  • Rich Dzierwa
    Rich Dzierwa Managing Editor, Firehouse

    Rich has served industry audiences and vendors throughout his 33-year publishing career, and brings that same dedication and expertise to the Firehouse audience.


Associate Publisher
Upper Midwest & West
Rich Gluth, FF III/A-EMT

Regional Sales Manager
Northeast, Southeast & International
Dan McKinney

Regional Sales Manager
New England, Gulf Coast, Canada, Marketplace, Classifieds
Marcela Cretaro

Vice President & Group Publisher
Bill MacRae


Editor-in-Chief & Conference Director
Peter Matthews

Managing Editor, Firehouse Magazine
Rich Dzierwa

Managing Editor,
John Kosik

Senior Editor, Firehouse Magazine
Steven Shaw

Assistant Editor,
Joe Vince

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