Aircraft Maintenance and Management Trends for Everyday Operations

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Engaged Sales Leads
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Aviation Professionals focused on Airport Operations, Aircraft Maintenance and Ground Handling rely on to deliver the latest trends, technology and insights for running profitable businesses.


Aviation Professionals focused on Airport Operations, Aircraft Maintenance and Ground Handling rely on to deliver the latest trends, technology and insights for running profitable businesses.

Expert Spotlight

  • Bill Baumann
    Bill Baumann Group Publisher, Aviation Group

    Over 25 years helping customers achieve superior ROI against sales and marketing objectives using Innovative leadership, creativity, and project management. Bill has extensive experience in business development, digital media, event management, content marketing, and social media.

  • Greg Szatko
    Greg Szatko National Accounts Manager

    Greg is a successful marketing and advertising professional for more than 20 years. His consultative selling approach has been very effective managing each client’s needs.

  • Joe Petrie
    Joe Petrie Editorial Director, Aviation Group

    Joe is an award winning journalist covering transportation issues for more than 15 years. He pushes readers to rethink their operations and goals via multimedia content designed to give a voice to the leading industry minds and to shine light on the current needs of the transportation sector.

  • Jon Jezo
    Jon Jezo National Accounts Manager

    With over 10 years of experience, Jon is a trusted resource when it comes to B2B marketing and advertising. He specializes in a consultative approach that delivers effective lead generation for his clients. His aviation market knowledge is a great resource in helping strategize your next high-performing marketing program.

  • Stephanie Painter
    Stephanie Painter International Sales

    Stephanie has been working in the fields of B2B marketing and media for over 35 years and has a wealth of experience. Having worked all sides of the marketing table (in-house, agency, and media sales) Stephanie knows what elements make up a good promotional campaign and works closely with her clients to achieve their marketing goals.


Aviation Group Publisher
Bill Baumann
+1 609-610-5400

National Accounts Manager
Greg Szatko
+1 920-568-8314

National Accounts Manager
Jon Jezo
+1 920-568-8337

International Sales
Stephanie Painter
+44 1634 829386


Aviation Group Editorial Director
Joe Petrie
+1 920-568-8399

Walker Jaroch
+1 920-563-1613

Assistant Editor
Rebecca (Becky) Kanable

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